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Specialty Services
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Schupp’s Line Construction Fiber Optic Cable Construction

Whenever there is a need to work around, under, or over large and small scale bridges pertaining to Fiber Optic Cable Construction, there is only one team ready to take on the job, Schupp’s Line Construction. For over 50 years, Schupp’s has been providing a wide range of services throughout the East Coast and across the country! Our team has the experience, manpower, state-of-art equipment, and the Know-How to do it right on time, on budget, the first time. Some of our qualifications include the Delaware Memorial Bridge, Prince George Bridge Virginia, and The Tappen Zee Bridge, as well as many more. If you’re in need of a service listed below or are looking to inquire about a future job, we based in Albany, and we serve all of New York State including the New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, & Nyack areas. We also serve areas outside of New York, give us a call today at (518) 464-9005 for more information.
Our Services Include:
  • PVC Conduit Construction
  • Steel Conduit Construction
  • Fiber Optic Cable Relocating
  • Utility Relocating
  • Existing Line Maintenance and Repairs
  • Temporary System Relocating
  • Pullbox Installations and Repairs
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installations
  • Fiber Optic Cable Repairs
  • Fiber Optic Cable Splicing
  • Camera Installations
  • Fiber Optic Cut-Overs
  • Rod & Rope
  • Fiber Optic Cable and Conduit Inspections
Some notable Bridge Projects:
  • Castleton on the Hudson
  • Newburgh Beacon Bridge
  • The Mid-Hudson Bridge
  • Delaware Memorial Bridge
  • The Tappen Zee Bridge
  • Skyway Bridge in Buffalo
  • Prince George Bridge Virginia
  • Mobile Bay in Alabama
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